Solar film pre-cut tint all cars and brands - SOYAFILM

Solar film for your car and property.

Solar film pre-cut tinting film for all cars and brands. We have the tinting film and tools you are looking for whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Tint the windows of the car with pre-cut solar film. Soyafilm

SOYAFILM® - The original. Removable, remountable unique solar film without adhesive is easily installed on all cars, as the film is soft it follows the shape of the glass even when it is extremely bent. Can be mounted on and off as much as you like.
Solar Gard® Galaxie is the sun protection film that gives your car that extra exclusive look. The film can be formed on advanced curved glass, has a scratch-resistant layer and has completely optically clear visibility from inside the car.
Both films are metal-free and therefore do not interfere with the car's modern important electronic equipment such as GPS, navigation, radio, TV, mobile and communication.
TintGel™ is our unique product that puts the finishing touch on your solar film installation. TintGel™ is a gel that is placed on the grid edges "Dot Matrix" as a filler between the glass and the solar film.
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